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Lecture Tapes

Lecture Tape Archive


C. G. Jung of West Jersey Taped Lectures 




$15.00 for one tape, $17.00 for a two tape lecture


Behrens, Gisela M. M.A.

The Shadow of the Unlived Life- February 15, 1998 

A Woman’s Search for Herself: An Analytical Perspective- February 18, 1996-two tape lecture

Harnessing the Inferior Function- January 8, 1995 

Bennet, Phillip

Seeking Living symbols for God in the New Millennium- November 7, 1999 

Bierlein, J.F

Parallel Creation Myth: Mother and Father Sky- December 17, 2000 

Bluespruce, Leisah Ph.D. 

The Currents of Consciousness- December 3, 2000 

Braun, Sara M.D.

The Ethical Imperative- November 3, 1996- 

On the Importance of Falling "Wings of Desire"- February 5, 1995 two tape lecture

Myths, Dreams and Tales: Psyches Triple Mirror- January 17, 1999 

Byrne, Brenda Ph.D.

The Dark Third: Orders and Disorders of Sleep- January 19, 1997 

Digney, Marita D.Min.

Star Wars: Something New Under the Sun?- October 3, 1999 

Failed Initiation and the Malaise at Adolescents- November 16, 1999 

Rounding Out the Dream: The Use of Active Imagination and Understanding Dreams- October 20, 1996

Shadow in the Pines: The Jersey Devil- February 4, 1996 

Music of the Night- February 19, 1995- two tape lecture 

The Soul of Popular Culture- October 18, 1998 

What Personality Type Are You? Your Chance to Find Out- October 2, 1994 

Psychological Commentary on Kundalini Yoga- November 21, 1993 

Dunn, Catherine M.F.T.

Now and Again: Incest Across Generations-February 2, 1997 

Golden, Edward S.

Type... Tools for Understanding- October 16, 1994 

Values Clarification and Type- November 6, 1994 

Golden, John F.

The Forbidden Fruit- January 2, 2001 

The New Jerusalem- March 5, 2000 

Gotlieb, Daniel Ph.D.

Lessons of the Wheel: Life’s Cyclic Journey of Loss and Reclamation- February 1, 1998

Hanson, J. Robert Ph.D.

Oedipus, Siegfried, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty: a Jungian Perspective- October 1, 1995

Hollis, James PhD.

Middle Passage: Misery and Meaning at Mid-life- March 19, 1995 

Issac, Rhoda

Art From the Unconscious- November 19, 1995 

Josey, Alden

Evil and Archetypal Shadow- March 19, 2000 

Madness, Revelation, and the Creative Spirit- March 6, 1993 

Women in Love: The Myth of Psyche and Eros- February 21, 1999 

Kanev, Miriam M.Ed.

Hanging Out With Crone- March 17, 1996-two tape lecture 

Kelly, Georgette

Working With Shadows- December 7, 2000 

Kroeger, Otto

Types in Relationships: Do Opposites Really Attract?- November 20, 1994 

Legere, Thomas E. Ph.D.

To Whom are we Praying? - November 27, 2000 

The Second Journey: Spirituality and the Mid Life Crisis- January 4, 1998 

Selected Dreams and Visions in the Bible- March 16, 1997 

Tristan and Isolde: the Archetypal Story of Romance- March 3, 1996 two tape lecture

Biblical Dreams and Visions: Powerful Archetypes from the Unconcious- November 15, 1998

Martin, Steven A. Psy.D.

Smaller Than Small Bigger than Big: The Role of the little Dream in Individuation- January 5, 1997

The Architecture of the Soul: The use of Myth and Fairytale in depth Psychology- October 1, 1995

East of the Sun West of the Moon: Love Given, Love Lost, Love Regained- March 21, 1999

MacGillis, Sister Miriam Therese M.A.

The Great Dream, The Great Journey: Exploration into Cosmology- February 20, 1993

McCurdy III, Alexander M.Div Ph.D.

The Transform of the Negative Shadow in Dreams- February 16, 1997 

On Answering the Religious Question- January 21, 1996 

Once Upon a Type- March 5, 1995 

When Happy Things Fall- 1992 

McPherson, Sarah Ph.D.

The Currents of Consciousness- December 3, 2000 

Dreams in Space Dreams of Space- March 2, 1997 

Monick, Eugene PhD.

Masculinity and the Growth of Conciousness: Men and Opposites- February 18, 2001

Murray, William 

Through the Eye of Type: Political Choices: Ideology and Agenda- December 4, 1994

Newberg, Andrew B. M.D.

A Neuropsychological Analysis of Religion: Why God Won’t Go Away- October 17, 1999

Olwell, Marie

Evolving Image and Understanding of the Divine- January 16, 2000 

Perlman, Dianne Ph.D.

Eros Perverted- January 22, 1995- two tape lecture 

Schachter, Rabbi Zalman  

The Alchemy of Transformation the Kabbalah- February 16, 1994 

Spiritual Elder 

Simon, Rabbi Richard

Kabalistic Insights into Creation- November 19, 2000 

Mystical Judaism and the Millennium- February 6, 200 

Stephen, Seijaku

The Mystic: Spirituality for the Millennium- December 5, 1999 

Taussig, Hal 

The Quest for Meaning in Ancient Christian Texts, Pretexts and Contexts- December 19, 1999

Sophia: Wisdom of Creation- February 4, 2001 

Wanner, Armin Ph.D. 

Felix Culpa: Original Sin or Original Blessing- November 15, 2000 

From Pisces to Aquarius or Jung's Preoccupation with Good and Evil- February 20, 2000