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Welcome to the sixteenth year of programs offered by the C.G. Jung Society of West Jersey. This informal lecture and discussion series focuses on the application of C.G. Jung's thought to understanding contemporary issues, our culture, and ourselves. Featured by the Philadelphia Inquirer as one of the "smart things to do" on a Sunday afternoon in the Delaware Valley, the West Jersey Jung lecture series is open to returning members and new guests. Lectures, discussions, and study groups are always open, lively, and thought provoking.

On the Stream of Time is the theme for our programs this year. Attracting speakers from throughout the Northeast in both academia and clinical practice, we will explore the concept of time from practical, psychological and mythological perspectives. Is time a social construct created by humans to order life or a natural division of experience simply labeled time? What is time? Will time end? Are we in the "end times" as some predict? Join us to ponder the quality of time, timelessness, shamanic time travel and to reflect on your own experience of time..

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Background: Background of the C.G. Jung Society of West Jersey

Calendar: Check out our new 2001-2002 calendar of events.

Lecture Tapes: Archived lecture tapes on sale.

Where do we meet?: Pictures and directions to the Moorestown Community House.

Membership: Want to join? Click and find out how.

Merchandise: Right now, we have a Jung poster for sale.

Campbell and Conversation: Four evenings of discussion of four episodes of PBS' speacial The Power of Myth.

Jung on Dreams: Click to read a few quotes by Carl Jung on dreams...


C.G Jung Society of West Jersey Executive Committee: Joan Botto, Marita Digney, John Golden, Jane Lanahan, Gloria Lihotz, June Raufer

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